Autumn For The Day

Sydney continues to bask in glorious mid 20’s sunshine, just a few weeks out from the official start of winter. As usual, Autumn has been cancelled (due to lack of interest perhaps?) with no sign of changing. We’ll probably have two months of cooler weather, but as with recent years, it’ll be dry, sunny and mild. Then come August, it’ll start to warm again. Climate change in evidence perhaps with the fifth straight month of above-average temperatures and one of the hottest summers on record.

To experience a proper Autumn in these parts you need to head up into the Blue Mountains in May and one of our favourite places, Blackheath, one of the highest points at 1,065m. Of course that’s not high by any standards, having recently been in the Andes, but it’s high enough for a complete change of weather from the coast, with low cloud and cold fog swirling around the village, and a bracing 10-15 degree drop in temperature.

The Autumn colours are spectacular at the moment – the streets and gardens a riot of reds, rusts and oranges with matching flocks of native parrots – squabbling Crimson Rosellas, spectacular King Parrots and gangs of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos screeching and swirling overhead – it’s hard to get a word in edge-ways!

We nipped up for the day to see our dear friends, Sandra, Michael and Anne (and Angus of course) who have a lovely mountains home with a gorgeous garden. The company was wonderful and Mrs S’s cooking was, as always, delicious!

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  1. Michael Skinner says:

    Brilliant, and I understand Michael is amazingly handsome.


    1. and makes exceedingly good crumpets…


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