¡Hace calor en la ciudad nuevamente!

We’ve had an incredibly hot week here in BA with temps pushing 38 degrees and a blistering sun, rendering it too hot to be out and about on the streets after about 10am. I reckon with the radiant heat coming off the buildings, roads and pavements it’s at least 5 degrees on that, so no place to be out in the midday sun I can tell you! Once again, thank goodness for the pool, where we’ve turned into late afternoon ‘snow monkeys’ – Argentine-style – up to our necks in the cool water with perhaps a silly drink to hand – keeping up our hydration of course!

We do make it out I promise. As I’m the photographer in the family, I like to record our morning walk and occasional darts into the city so this snap shot represents a few mornings this week. Our favoured walk is down to Puerto Madero and, when it’s not too darn hot, into Parque Ecológica Costanera Sur, but that’s been out of the question this week when it really feels (and sounds) like you’re trekking into the jungle, with giant mozzies to boot!

We’ve made some new friends. A couple from the UK and a glamorous solo entrepreneur travelling from Venice, introduced to us by our aforementioned rather imperious but lovely landlady Mercedes at lunch last Sunday. Last night we all caught up again to see La Favorita (The Favourite) over in Puerto Madero where the tickets cost just A$6 each (£3). Sold to our guests as a “black” comedy, the film held a few worrying moments, but was eventually reviewed as a “bleak” comedy with great performances. No argument there. To my mind an interestingly directed film with totally incredibleperformances especially from Ms Olivia, with a well-deserved nod for the Oscar. But my money for Best Picture and Best Director is on Roma, a staggeringly beautiful film worthy of the ages.

Our other new mates whilst here in BA are two guys who run a British / Indian restaurant called MASH. An Englishman Martyn from Weymouth who’s the chef, and Gustavo, an Argentine Nuclear Physicist (yes really) who lectures by day and fronts house by night – what a combination. It has a slightly edgy, Fawlty Towers air to it, for if the guys don’t like the tone you’re taking or heaven forbid you attempt to change the menu in any way, then you run the risk of being refused service and being asked to leave! In the few times we’ve dined here we’ve witnessed two ‘incidents’ one with young English travellers who assumed MASH is like any other Indian back home, where having the butter chicken sauce on the chicken tikka masala is par for the course. (Not ‘ere it ain’t. Near eviction). Another couple found the front door mysteriously locked in their faces. (Didn’t like the look of ‘em. We couldn’t disagree).

Princess Anne popped in here for dinner late last year during the Youth Olympics and sensibly ordered straight from the menu, no questions asked. Diplomatic incident avoided.

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