Casa San Telmo

We’re back in Buenos Aires and our favourite barrio of San Telmo and in an old 1880’s printing factory converted into a ‘Casa Chorizo’ (sausage house), consisting of 4 apartments, ours being a two-storey affair overlooking the garden courtyard with a pool! This is the perfect oasis for high summer in BA and within walking distance of everywhere, aside from Palermo that is, that’s a SUBTE ride away on the other side of town, and our favourite weekend haunt.

Our apartment is really rather eccentric to say the least. It comes with an en suite ‘dungeon’ or, as they refer to it here, as a subterranean mini cinema, which involves lifting a heavy grille in the kitchen floor and descending steep steps into the dark void. Hmmm, not quite sure what to make of it or do with it actually…find a gimp perhaps? The mind boggles…The place is managed by the equally eccentric and (a tad) imperious, yet glamourous Mercedes who lives in one of the apartments upstairs, who we know from our original visit some eight years ago now.

We’re here for two months (another two months) and aim to have a productive balance of work, exercise, play and socialising with ‘hopefully’ new found friends.

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  1. Richard Turner says:

    Looks gorgeous, especially the pool. A good job I have booked Sydney + Japan, otherwise I would be on your doorstep volunteering to be your ‘gimp’!


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