Que hay debajo

A loose translation for this heading would be ‘What lies beneath’. Our enormous gas oven broke down today and a lovely ginger-haired chap came over to fix. I mention this only as ginger hair is an extreme rarity here in Argentina and South America in general.

In the process of fixing the oven we finally got to open the heavy metal hinged trap door in the kitchen and explore what lies beneath: a gimp’s lair? Or in truth a small en suite cinema with six red vinyl seats, original I think, plus a somewhat tattered screen and a projector which we’re assured by our Austrian neighbours actually does work, but we didn’t feel the need to experiment. A pile of sticky DVD’s on a table didn’t reveal anything exciting and there was, alas, no sign of a gimp of any description.

We had a rare rainy day in BA today, which encouraged us to riff on script development ideas in the apartment and over lunch at our favourite local joint Caracol on the corner of Humberto Primo y Bolivar.

I don’t think there’s any activity for Australia Day here in BA, and why would there be I suppose? We’ll definitely look out for an Aussie flag or a twang coming from a bar as it would be nice to connect with ‘home’ in some way on the day.

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  1. Ian Taylor says:

    Fuck Australia Day, I say. I went to an Invasion Day protest march!
    Also, can I be the gimp for your cellar? I could get that projector and screen up and running in no time.


    1. Hola Ian, indeed….good on ya for attending an Invasion Day march! And yes, you’re most welcome to come over and be our resident gimp! As you’ll be beneath the kitchen, food scraps are easy to come by, plus if you’re able to fix the projector, you’ll have your entertainment sorted. x


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