Ground Hog Day – Superclásico Copa Libertadores #3

Super Classico_TAKE2

Drama central here in BA as the world’s eyes are focused on the Superclásico Copa Libertadores final (well, the eyes of Latin American soccer fans anyway) between bitter arch rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors. The first attempted final was washed out with a flooded stadium, followed the next day by a 2-2 draw at the Bombonera Stadium just down the road in La Boca.

Yesterday, after much expectation, the second and final ‘FINAL’ of the Superclásico Copa Libertadores was due to be played over at the incredibly impressive Monumental Stadium, home of River Plate, where Boca fans are banned, so a stadium full to capacity (68,000) of purely River fans, waiting for the match to start in glorious sunshine…

What could possibly go wrong…?

Well, the La Boca team bus was attacked on the way to the stadium, pelted with rocks and tear-gas canisters, smashing the bus windows and sending the entire team to hospital.

The stadium continued to fill. The fans got edgy, increasingly irritated by the delay and the heat. Riots in and outside of the stadium. Game called off.

So, here we are again on Sunday for the fourth attempted Copa Libertadores final, again over at the Estadio Monumental, which by the way is both monumental and incredibly impressive, made even more so when you know it was built in 1938! (Watching it efficiently drain its human contents from drone-cam was quite a sight – Ant)

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