Living the dream – life as a Porteño – 2

Refuel completed I headed out again to one of the known ‘safe’ ATM’s over on Colón for some ready-cash via the glorious 19th Century Mercado San Telmo, with its Italianate arched beams, glass windows and abundant market stalls.

Here you’ll find fishmongers, veg and fruit stands, butchers, bakers, deli’s and bars, serving morning nips of vermouth with tapas to gossipy old ladies. Needless to say, the prices are incredibly cheap – it takes a while to sink in actually, just how inexpensive stuff is here. With some hot straight-out-of-the-oven empandas in hand (A$3 for 4)
I headed back to the apartment encountering a few local sights – impromptu Tango dancing in an almost empty square, a guy on a bike being towed sleigh-like by 6 dogs down the street whilst on his mobile and street after street of gorgeous buildings bathed in this sudden spring-time warmth.

After a lazy afternoon wander around San Telmo, Tango in the square and a G&T in the local we headed for dinner at our favourite restaurant in San Telmo, Caracol – a perfectly cooked steak and salad for two and a bottle of Malbec for A$37!

I’m home.

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