Blissful solitude

Blissful solitude continues here in Zipolite. Apparently this place is packed in the northern winter months, with the next-door hotel (Hotel Nude) flying Canadian, German and Norwegian flags amongst others, obviously for travellers escaping their arctic environs, but right now it’s a smattering of holidaying Mexicans, a lovely young couple from Bavaria (Carina and Alexander) and a solo grumpy Viking always on his phone, but that’s it. The beach restaurant here at El Alquimista has a wonderful varied menu and serves the best food we’ve had in 2 months of travelling, no doubt due to the freshness of the seafood and the abundance of fruit and veg, but seriously good food, for instance, the tower of ceviche for lunch today was incredible. Oh, and staggeringly cheap! The infamous swimming pool of tamarind mezcal margarita is just A$6, a nerve-settler before heading onto the beach, sans togs…

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