Sunrise on Zipolite

The sun doesn’t rise here until 7.13am (setting at 7.42pm) with spectacular colours as the light emerges. At this early hour there’s no one but us and a few beach dogs that hurtle towards us barking, then lose interest and carry on wrestling and rolling in the surf. What a life!

As I mentioned earlier, people don’t really surface here until well into late morning – but for us city-slickers the habit of early rising is hard to shake off, so we’re often the only ones up and at ‘em and have the beach and the beach restaurant to ourselves for hours.

We’re upgrading ourselves today – out of the beach cabana that was just a tad small (but lovely) and unfortunately prone to mozzies, despite a generous net. On the first night we seemed to have trapped all of the available mozzies in the area inside, but by the second we’d worked out a plan, relying on our Mozzie Zappers from Oz. A ring of those around the bed, the net down and checked and the ceiling fan above on full blast and we got ‘em. Still, the new digs in ‘the tower’ (which we’ve already checked out) is much larger, airy, has AC and an enormous deck overlooking the beach. It even has a fridge, so we’re set.

We have the same coastal Wet Season weather – hot sunny days right through to late afternoon then a few clouds build and a brief but intense storm unloads some heavy rain. Half an hour later and it’s all cleared out to sea – the tables on the beach are re set and the tiki torches are re lit. And repeat.

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