Blissful solitude 2

But the days here in August are blazing hot and sunny, yes with high humidity at times and the occasional evening downpour, but even that lasts for about half an hour, and then it’s clear. At the risk of outing this wonderful destination, you’d be hard pressed to find a more chilled out place and even nicer staff. The accommodation ranges from simple beach cabanas (our first 2 nights) to where we are now in ‘the tower’, a more lux suite high up in the jungle canopy overlooking the beach. It has AC, a huge bathroom and a massive wooden deck with hammock – and again, super cheap.

Nothing much else to report for now… we may venture out to Puerto Angel at some point, which might be a little busier (but still sleepy), but then again, we’re so used to nobody being around it could be a rude shock.

God help us when we’re back in Mexico City and Santiago where it’s a lot cooler, chilly (Chile) even – and with clothes on! Then again, it’ll be a nice change 🙂

Getting ahead of myself – we have another 8 days here…

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