A walk on the wild side

We were woken by a spectacular pre-dawn electrical storm in our light-box of a room in the jungle canopy, setting today’s weather on the wild side of perfect. The storm quickly rolled out to sea but set the humidity high and the winds in overdrive.

So rather than a dawn walk on the beach we settled for late morning – a lot more humid and with blazing hot sun, but cooled by increasingly strong breezes. And again I can add that there was no one on the beach save for the occasional nude stroller – they come in all shapes and sizes here…. the good, the bad and the ugly, but that’s enough about me.

The ‘architecture’ along Zipolite is well, haphazard and ramshackle to say the least. You’d imagine one stiff wind or worse, a hurricane (they can hit here in September and October), would blow the lot of ‘em off the sand and into the hills.

It’s quite the alternative ‘hippie’ hang here, with few hotels save for Hotel Nude and the sublime El Alquimista – http://hotelelalquimista.com/english

The wind really picked up in the afternoon so spent the day in the cool El Alquimista beach restaurant – great fish tacos, another tamarind mescal margarita, some chilled dance music and a good new book. Heaven.

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  1. Sounds sublime. En profitez bien!


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