Too Darn Hot!

It’s too darn hot for the beach as we’d fry to a crisp within minutes after say 10am. The best time to explore is at sunrise and early morning or late in the afternoon, just as the intense heat of the day subsides. That’s when the reef appears to shimmer on the horizon. It’s a magical time. 

We’re ‘Wonga’d ’ (our newly coined phrase for the heat and humidity of Wonga) around midday. The best place to park yourself  is under a fast-whirring ceiling fan with an ice-cold Corona in your hand then, around 3pm you can venture out to the newly found shaded pool, slip in to the hot salty bath water and snooze away the afternoon. However, it’s at night that the pool truly comes into its own, for the inky pollution-free skies of Wonga reveal the majestic swirling Milky Way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stars. It’s an incredible sight that sets the mind whirring away. Is there anything or anyone out there? I think so. Hard to imagine otherwise. 

We had our ‘Day 5’ PCR test this morning – a QLD Government requirement following the initial PCR on entry to the state. Unlike the trials of Sydney there was a small queue of just 5 cars ahead of a very make-shift testing centre but it all felt very calm and sedate. Apparently, there’s no Covid here in FNQ so it feels a world away from the worrying numbers coming out of Sydney and the rest of the world. Maybe we should just stay here… so tempting. 

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  1. Michael Skinner says:

    Some like it hot. xx


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