Being Croc Aware!

Would you swim here? This is a local swimming hole near to the house. We are ‘assured’ that there are no crocs here ‘cos apparently they don’t swim uphill… ‘ Who knew? It was so tempting on a roasting hot morning to plunge into the cool water, but we chickened out. Whereas the other photo with the sandy beach was the Mossman River this morning, where crocs abound – which didn’t stop this family from setting up camp and swimming with their kids and a dog, ignoring the sign. I guess they don’t wear masks either and haven’t been vaccinated. Sheer madness as far as I’m concerned. 

Still, the swimming holes found around the Daintree are stunningly gorgeous. Rainwater cascades off the hinterland ranges into rapid tumbling streams with moss-covered boulders surrounded by dense green jungle. The water is actually surprisingly cold which, on a stonkingly hot Christmas Eve morning was such welcome relief. And just down the road in Shannonvale was a real surprise – a tropical winery. No grapes found here. The organic wine is made with a variety of tropical fruits. Mango Dry White, Lime Dry, Ginger and Passion Fruit. They even make fortified wines such as Kaffir Lime and Lychee.

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  1. Michael Skinner says:

    Trust you two to find a place that makes wine out of everything- peanut malbec anyone. ?


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