What a difference a day makes

Despite it being high summer here in Chiloe it can still act and feel like winter, with extremely changeable weather turning around in a matter of hours. The days are long with sunrise at 6am and sunset pushing 10pm so yesterday’s cold, wet and windy conditions felt unrelenting, especially with the added inconveniences the day threw at us. First up in paradise the hot water went, apparently the gas tank needed replacing, which took all day to sort. Then the water dried up altogether – a line was apparently accidently severed on the beach. How? And, to add insult to injury the wi-fi connection seems to have disappeared for good (I’m using a 4G portable hub, though even this can be slow and trying, depending on the local conditions). These are all of course minor issues and easily manageable (water also restored), but it did draw attention to how wonderfully isolated we are here – but yet, despite this, how connected we actually are if need be. The nearest town is 23 kilometres away, so that’s close enough I guess.

Yesterday dawned darkly overcast with a sea fog swirling around the sound – so incredibly atmospheric. It was cold for much of the day, so we were fortunate to have a good old wood burner that kept the cabin toasty, the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and snooze the day away.

In total contrast, this morning was as warm and blazingly sunny day as you’ll ever see anywhere! Not a cloud in the sky, just jet-blue skies and not a breath of wind, perfect for getting out and about the island.

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