The Crystal Palace

A bracing stroll through Crystal Palace Park this morning in the wintery gloom was made intriguing by the chance to walk through what now remains of The Crystal Palace itself. Originally created to house the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations and staged in Hyde Park in 1851, it was eventually moved piece by piece to Sydenham Hill and re-opened in 1854. The grounds originally had magnificent fountains, an unrivalled collection of statues, an impressive collection of trees including Monkey Puzzles and intriguingly, full-size models of prehistoric creatures, which still remain today as Grade 1 listed Heritage objects. The Dino Doctors are back, and some so gleaming they seem brand-new.

Tragically, The Crystal Palace was destroyed in a spectacular fire in 1936. Can you imagine having this wonderous structure today, though hard to believe it could have survived the bombing of WW2 that so devasted large parts of south London.

After our walk, what better than a slap-up Sunday roast lunch in the high street. Wonderful. We’re back!

Tomorrow morning we head to North Wales then on Wednesday, down to Bournemouth. Lots of train travel ahead and time to catch up on some zzzzz perhaps.

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