Santiago pit-stop

After a short delay getting out of Buenos Aires, due to arriving G20 dignitaries (specifically, the arrival of Canada, Turkey and India), we finally arrived in Santiago for an overnight pit-stop. Nice to be back, albeit briefly, and a nice new hotel in Lastarria, Hotel Cumbres to rest our heads.

Flight to London later this afternoon and our 6 weeks in the UK begins. A family Christmas to look forward to and of course some much cooler weather to experience.

It’ll be novel to be in English-speaking surrounds after 5 months of Spanish though I might still be on autopilot with the odd sí, gracias, buen día and hola but I’m sure it’ll pass!

We’re back in Chile in January and our Patagonia trip begins. We’re heading down to the mystical island of Chiloe and, after a week on the island, driving up to Pucón and further up towards Volcán Villarrica, where we’ve rented a log cabin in the Andes. Then, in late January we’ll be back in Buenos Aires for a final (but not last I might add) week in Palermo to continue our lasting love affair.

I’ll be blogging whilst in the UK but perhaps not as much as the past 5 months.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Have a wonderful festive season in the ol’ Dart and muchas gracias for all your travel tales!
    Hugz, Sheila and Ian


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