That siren again…

Ascensor Artilleria

It’s been a cool, cloudy, foggy couple of days so we’ve made the most of it and stayed at home, writing away, watching the occasional Netflix drama and generally taking it easy.

I nipped down to El Plan to the local supermarket during a brief sunny break – a walk down steep steps (yes, steps, steps and yet more steps), copped some local abuse from the old fellas drinking on the street (good job I can’t understand them), picked up some groceries and headed home via Ascensor Artilleria – that’s the old, rickety one with the wonky steep tracks.

As I was sitting there waiting to move, the Terremoto alarm went off across the city – it’s very loud and there’s no mistaking it. There was a rattle and roll for a few seconds then it stopped, but for a brief moment I didn’t feel too inclined to incline.

Our last day in Valparaíso tomorrow, Friday. Off to Buenos Aires on Saturday for 2 months – no more hills and steps!

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