Something for everybody

There’s a very rustic place on Zipolite in a prime beach setting called Lo Cósmico where for AUD$3 a night you have a hammock, strung up under the palm trees with the entire stretch of the beach in front of you. It’s more dorm hammock than private nook, so definitely for the free-spirited youngsters who are perhaps more mosquito resistant that us.

There’s a plethora of accommodation options on Zipolite – ranging from the single hammock option to the ‘pitch your tent’ on our rickety deck option to any number of palapa beach huts that can be had from just A$10 a night. Even here at El Aquimista – the ‘Paris end’ of Zipolite – the beach cabańas are around A$70 so super cheap!

We moved today from the AC comfort of our tower suite back down to the cute beach-front cabańa for the rest of the week. At least we can roll out of bed and into the surf for that early morning tumble. It’s just that nightly wrestle with the mozzies that we’ve got to get on top of once again, but I think we’ve got a handle on it now.

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