Surf’s Up (But Off)

This morning was meant to be the ‘big day’, the major Surf Comp for Zicatela in August (in honour of a local twenty-year old surfing hero who died in a car crash just recently).

But sunrise revealed what we suspected yesterday, massive surf – and I mean HUGE 20 feet+ surf which even the die-hard locals (that’s our surfing landlord Nando) said were too large to handle. ‘El surf es demasiado grande hoy, mejor suerte mañana’, so we’ll see about that.

So more despacito I’m afraid. To our local palapa (palm-roofed) bar on the beach for ceviché and fish tacos, oh, and a couple of margaritas just to accentuate the despacito and watch the crashing surf, mesmerizing. Hardly a soul around on ‘main street’ La Punta in the heat of the afternoon, just the BIMBO delivery van…. oh, and one very La Punta looking vehicle which we’ve seen around all week, still with flat tyre.

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  1. John Butterworth says:

    Great photos lads, I particularly like the one of the van. Water looks good too


  2. says:

    I can’t believe you have this place to yourself, why would you ever ever leave

    Next Tim you do this I’m taking six months off toooooooo and coming with you

    (I’m secretly packing my bags right now 🙂



  3. Ann & Barry says:

    Hola boys! Missing you both but absolutely loving the blogs!
    The surf and the beaches look amazing! This is on my bucket list now 🙂 Hard to imagine that there still so many wonderful hidden places to see.

    (PS Im also secretly packing my bags – hehehe )


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