Day 12 here in Puerto Escondido and we’ve embraced the concept of ‘despacito’ – slowing it down, real slow. As planned, our mornings are taken up with work – Ants writing from 7am with a pot of coffee on the go, whilst I’m doing some work for a Melbourne Design Agency, so the aim is to be productive for a good 4 or 5 hours or so. But we do take a break at some point in the morning and head down to La Punta for a stroll on the beach – a spot of breakfast, a bit more work, then head out for the day.

Surf’s up, just in time for a major surf competition event taking place at Zicatela later this week. This morning’s conditions looked pretty wild with huge barrel surf and tubes rolling into the bay. Locals are abuzz about the anticipated 20 foot waves for Thursday morning so we’ll be down there early in the morning to report.

Back to the blog theme…. we’re pretty smitten with Carrizalillo as you can tell! There’s nothing new to report really – it’s still drop dead gorgeous – the same every day – the ocean temp is 30 degrees and the air 35, the crowd is almost entirely Mexican with a smattering of tourists but not many.

I had a 2-hour massage on the beach for $A25 and if that wasn’t enough, the margaritas served+eased us into a true state of ‘despacito’ before heading home to the relative cool of the evening and our books.

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