You know you’re remote when…..

Disaster has struck. My relatively new MacBook Pro has presented a ‘stuffed screen’ (technical term) – flickering pink and purple horizontal lines, making it hard to do anything. The computer itself if fine, just the display – so to add to already poor to non-existent WiFi my fears of disconnection are now fully realised. I know, first world problem, right? We found the only computer repair shop in town and were told we have two options 1) Drive to Oaxaca, which takes 7 hours each way – there’s an Apple reseller there who ‘might’ be able to fix it or order parts in from the US or b) Fly to Mexico City (takes an hour and half in the air), go to the Apple store and book it in for repairs – could take up to 2 weeks…. Fortunately Ants has his Mac with him, plus we have two iPads, and I do have my old AirBook back in Sydney which I’m investigating how to have sent by FedEx to Puerto Escondido. Sorry, is that too much information…?

This just proves just how dependent on our devices I / we’ve become. We’re meant to be easing back and putting aside all modern technology and relaxing, so maybe this is the universe telling me to log off, have a swim and chill out.

So, we did. Went back to Carrizalillo, had an hour and half massage on the beach and drank a Coco Loco, possibly Mexico’s greatest invention. Take one large coconut, lop the top off and pour in equal parts White Rum, Gin, Tequila and Vodka and mix with the coconut water. Stir and serve. Carrizalillo has a no plastic on the beach policy due to the tortugas in the ocean so no straw provided, just grab the coconut by your hands and tip down gullet. Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!

So, after two Cocos Locos, a relaxing massage and a swim in the warm ocean, my Mac worries are becoming somewhat irrelevant. Maybe fewer posts – ‘great’, I hear you all say! But stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Guy Ellis says:

    Have you turned it off and on? Stick it in the fridge for 20 mins.

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  2. Claudia Sagripanti says:

    Gee – that existential angst didn’t last long. I’d be more worried if your camera wasn’t working. Anthony is looking a little flushed from the sun?


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