No Pasa Nada

‘No pasa nada’ is the unofficial motto of Puerto Escondido, and you can see why, with its super-chilled, laid back atmosphere, there’s not a lot going on, which is why we’re here…especially as it’s the low season, ‘sin turistas’ – meaning we’ve pretty much got the place to ourselves, other than the friendly locals and a few holidaying Mexicans. Week one down, five more to go. It means getting a prime spot at the beach with plentiful cheap taxis around.

It’s super-hot here and by mid-afternoon even the locals are complaining – ‘hoy demasiado calor’ they say, as we crawl back to the house and slip into the pool like sun-baked cocodrilos – talking of which, there’s been a problem with crocs here, some of ‘em 10 feet long apparently – one or two allegedly seen patrolling the surf line right in front of the lifeguard tower at Zicatela, and another big’un down at the left hand at La Punta……..

Of the safer beach options, we have fallen for Carrizalillo, as you can probably tell. It’s a gorgeous sheltered archetypal tropical beach with swaying palms and super clear warm water. The swell is enormous (and suddenly very deep) which makes entering and leaving the water somewhat of a challenge for us old blokes. Let’s just say a few ungainly launching and landing attempts were made, perhaps more suited to an ageing penguin colony than a glam beach in Mexico. Thankfully, Ants isn’t a photographer, so no evidence!

What makes this beach so sublime is the food and the waiter service – fresh tacos, freshly caught grilled fish, freshly lopped coconuts, bowls of guacamole and of course cheap, seemingly bottomless margaritas. Heaven. And again, all for next to nothing. Sun lounges with straw umbrellas are provided along with tables and chairs that are set up for you when lunch is served – how civilised is that! All that costs A$14 for 2 per day plus food and drinks.

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