Riding the Mexican Pipeline – 2

Heading back towards town we eventually reached Zicatela Beach proper, and boy, they’re not kidding, the beach is enormous – wide and long – and the waves spectacular! I’m not familiar with surfing but I can guess these glass-like barrel tubes have to be some of the best waves to be had. Again, maybe one or two surfers in the water, plus an annoying dude on a Jet Ski who hit the waves at speed to force him high into the air. What was perhaps most satisfying with this loud, boisterous display was his ultimate upending, leaving him separated from the Jet Ski and bewildered as a drowned rat.

Too darn hot (again) after lunch in a wonderful beach restaurant with carved tree-trunk chairs and white awnings. We made a passable attempt at the walk back but were forced by the heat into a handy ($2) cab. Retreating to the pool for the afternoon. Bliss.

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