Life in La Punta

Heavy rain overnight (this is the rainy season after all) which sent the green tree frogs and geckos into a frenzy – a real jungle cacophony if ever there was, yet somehow quite soporific. There are also large toads in the garden that look for all the world like rocks – even when you’re almost on top of them they remain solidly indifferent. Strange silent creatures.

Up early as is our habit here for a walk along the beach of La Punta, south towards the lighthouse and the ‘best’ surf break in town. Alarmingly the surfers seem to ride right over jagged half-submerged rocks and are often thrown into the air by huge barrel waves. A risky pastime I would have thought but there was a stream of eager novices and green learners being led out along the beach – mostly pale-faced kids wondering what the hell they’ve got themselves into. Needless to say, we won’t be joining them – these old dogs can’t be taught this particular new trick.

Most mornings are rather overcast but with patches of blue – “if there’s enough blue to make a sailor’s suit then the day will be fine” my old grandmother used to say and, sure enough, the clouds part and the sun burns through. There I was thinking everyone knew this expression, but Ants has never heard of it.

As previously mentioned we’re lucky enough to have our own small pool, set in a tropical garden and when lolling in the pool tiny hummingbirds and large butterflies flit around – it’s quite magical. But the pool really comes into its own after a hot day in town – and boy does it get hot and sticky here by midday.

We ventured into Escondido to the main supermarket in the late morning – it’s huge and really something, super modern in sections, rivalling a city Waitrose for its gourmet selection. But amusingly it sells Motorbikes (there are dozens of brand new ones lined up) for around AUD$1500, even car tyres and batteries and accessories, everything you could ever want really, but garbage bags? Nope, couldn’t find them anywhere.

The heat here in the afternoon is intense and once the sun’s out, incredibly burning. So, there’s no way we’re going to be oiled up and basking on the beach. No thanks, it’s straight into the pool with a cold beer for us two. Ahhhhh, now that’s better.

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  1. All sounds wonderful – can you send us some rain! XX


  2. I’ve heard it’s rather dry and unseasonably warm in Sydney. Here’s it’s typical rainy season – 35 degrees every day, rain overnight and muggy partially cloudy days. As I say, thankfully we have a pool which we’re spending most of our time in. x


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