Living the dream on Calle Havre

Day 2 Mexico City and we’re really easing into local life – exactly what we hoped for. We’ve taken a loft on Calle Havre, a quiet tree lined street in the Zona Rosa. Ants reckons that the bird song in the trees sounds exactly like a snippet of Art Garfunkel’s The Waters of March, ‘a stick, a stone’. From the street our place looks like it could do with a bloody good haircut but actually the trees filter the light beautifully.

I made today what I thought was a credible Guacamole, accompanied by the freshest tortillas ever – bought on the corner store for AUD.70c for 100. Ants seemed to enjoy it! We’ll be eating this for days….

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  1. Richard-Matthew says:



    1. Thanks Rich, it’s nice to be back and even nicer to be living as a local in CDMX. Slowly easing into my Spanish. xxx


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