A Cottesloe Afternoon – Eternal Sunshine (Of The Spotless Mind)

Cottesloe Beach.

The shade of Araucarias.

The warm sunshine soaks in.

Salt on skin crackles from a swim.

Hot towel dusted with sand.

The blue green Indian sparkles.

Volleyballers distract.

For a moment.

There’s a light breeze in my ears.

Waves lapping.

The deep blue sky.

Eyes close.

Anxiety empties away.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bevan Lee says:

    Goodness me the bathers screech,
    How we love dear Cottesloe Beach.

    As you can see, I can embrace the rhyming couplet, as you embrace blank verse 😍 methinks the mantle of Poet Laureate is far from my grasp 😜

    So glad you’re enjoying your time sur la plage in my home State.


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