On The Road Again – Road Trip Part #1

Having completed one long road trip up the Northern NSW coast (and loved the travelling), we thought we’d take in the other half of coastal NSW and head south in our trusty Suzuki Swift, Boswell. Actually, we were bound for Melbourne and beyond – driving across the border into Victoria and down to the East Gippsland coast then (via Melbourne) up through country Victoria, over the Snowy Mountains and down into Canberra and home – some 2,300 kilometres.

We’ve inadvertently joined the infamous ‘Grey Nomad’ set – Dictionary Def: grey nomad (plural grey nomads) (Australia) retired person who travels independently and for an extended period within their own country, particularly in a caravan or motor home. The coastal roads of Australia are jammed with Grey Nomads, towing their caravans from massive SUV’s or chugging along in their souped-up Winnebagos with cups of tea and home-made sandwiches at the ready to ease the hours of driving these vast distances. We haven’t exactly embraced the full Grey Nomad lifestyle just yet – not exactly our style – and the idea of a caravan sends shudders – but happy to take our city run-around out for a stretch and explore the wonders of Australia. 

We’re driving 4-5 hour legs, stopping overnight in motels along the way – some good, some perhaps having seen better days and some so kitsch, they have to be seen to be believed. 

Our outbound leg took us first to the tidy town of Bateman’s Bay in the Eurobodalla region of the South Coast. It’s classic beach holiday territory and, on this final day of school holidays, packed with families enjoying their last fish ‘n’ chips before hitting the jammed road back to Sydney. But for us, the open (empty) road lay ahead with the rolling green hills of Tilba Tilba and the sparkling Sapphire Coast all the way down to Eden. 

One of the prettiest towns on the Sapphire Coast is the seaside town of Bermagui, lying at the southern end of Horseshoe Bay and famous for its deep-sea game fishing, endless yellow sand beaches and the gorgeous Blue Pool, a 50m long swimming hole cut out of the rocks. There are more than 100 ocean-fed rock pools in NSW and the Blue Pool has to be one of the most stunning. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard-Matthew Turner says:

    I guess I am now a ‘Grey nomad’ with my extensive travels. However never in a Winnebago. I stick to deluxe hotels or 🛳️s or friends’ luxurious Airbnbs thank you very much 😉. ☀️🌊🏄‍♂️🏝️🌴🌴🌴


  2. Bevan Lee says:

    I would call you more Gay RoadLads than Grey Nomads. Three more excellent blog postings in your ongoing life of perambulation 🤗


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