Mucho Calor!

Our great long-time friend from London, Richard, is staying with us for a week, so loads to catch up on and reminisce about – the ‘good old days’ when we were all last here in Mérida, some 30 years ago. 

Ants and I have been here in Mérida for 5 weeks now (with 6 more left), and we’ve really eased into a slower, hopefully not unproductive, pace of life. Fortunately Richard’s happy to take it easy too and laze by the pool before we head off on a few trips around Mérida. 

Sometimes it’s just too hard to leave the casa, especially with the temp regularly now reaching 37 degrees. This coming week for instance will be 39 for at least one day, which I hear is the normal high for April! So the sunbeds beside the pool have become a favourite hang, with the occasional cooling dip to reset things, along with an ice-cold cerveza of course.  

Sorry for the lack of photos with this post as we haven’t, as I say,  really been out and about exploring. However, today we took the AutoProgreso to the beach for a day at La Antigua Beach Club in search for a cool sea breeze and a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Mexico. Heaven. 

On Wednesday we head to the Mayan Pyramid and Temple complex of Uxmal, around an hour and half outside of Mérida, so stay tuned for our adventures in the jungle! 

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  1. Bevan Lee says:

    What bronzed beauties you’ll be by the time you return. We will shrink in pallid unworthiness before your copper tint. How marvellous it all ongoingly sounds.


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