Waxing Lyrical

I realise I’m waxing lyrical about Hacienda Mucuyché but I was so impressed with the site and of course Cenote Azul Maya. It’s a must do experience if you’re ever in the Yucatan. Staying happily this side of touristy (at least when we were there), there’s also a large cenote-water swimming pool with poolside restaurant and bar. Ants had the Poc Chuk (thin slices of pork seared over hot coals), whilst I had the stalwart Pechuga de pollo cocinada a la leña  (grilled chicken breast grilled over firewood). Delicious! 

The entrance fee is on the steep side for local sights, at MX$590 per person (AU$39), but believe me, it’s worth it.  

Finally, who could possibly resist a Margarita Carlota and for me, of course, a Margarita Azul, on a blazingly hot 37-degree day in the Yucatan jungle. You only live once, right?  

On our journey back to Mérida, José Luis couldn’t resist taking us to another glorious abandoned hacienda. I didn’t clock the name of this place but it was a vast ruin, in parts almost entirely consumed by the surrounding jungle. So incredibly atmospheric. 

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  1. Bevan Lee says:

    Each blog sings such a siren song to lure folk to experience what you show. Re the hacienda, it reminds me metaphorically of a number of one’s peers these days, impressive faded ruins hinting of a glorious past 😉


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