Into The Blue

Thanks to our great new friends at Wonga, Shirl and Andy, we ventured out on their rather large and impressive cruiser for a day on the Reef, specifically heading for Bat and Tongue Reef and the intriguingly named Blue Martini – so called because of its circular rim and deep blue dive hole. 

Because of the potential of Marine Stingers, even out on the reef, we had to wear Stinger Suits – the only way to snorkel without risk and fear of death! Now, there’s no elegant or easy way to put on and take off a Stinger Suit. It includes full stinger mittens, booties and a hoodie – then, and only then, can the mask and snorkel be put on. We felt and looked ridiculous as we eased ourselves off the back of the of the boat and into the blue. There’s a rope slung out off the back that you hang to as you dip your head underwater and slowly drift away and become fascinated and, I have to say, somewhat alarmed, at the vastness of the water around you. I’d like to say it was like diving into a tropical fish tank, but on this particular morning, this part of the reef was a tad murky – I think in part, because of the high tide and the adjacent sand bar. However, it was truly wonderful to find yourself sliding over the slightly submerged coral where the colours are out of this world. 

Now I’d like to say I had a wonderful time, but alas I was struck with Mal de Mer (Sea Sickness), where an overwhelming sense of dizziness and nausea overcomes you. I was fine for a while but the rocking motion of the boat and the bumpy skimming across the rippling waves eventually did it in for me. Unfortunately we had to head back to port – so not many photos I’m afraid and I didn’t have a GoPro so none underwater. I’ve had sea sickness before so I did take some Kwells, but I guess I must be an inveterate sufferer and a confirmed land-lubber. 

And for those of us that may wish to make a Blue Martini, here’s the recipe. 

3oz of Belvedere Vodka, ¾ oz of Cointreau Orange Liqueur, ½ oz Blue Curacao Liqueur, 1 dash of dry vermouth and a twist of lime. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Skinner says:

    Does Cathy Freeman know you are wearing her running suit?


  2. Greg Kirkman says:

    I thought you were channelling Kim Kardashian – so amazing your adventures , love them x


    1. We’re off to the UK next weekend for a month, then Mexico for three months:) How are you both? X


  3. Bevan Lee says:

    Anthony looks particularly dubious about the chic factor of the suit he is wearing. Given the visual effect, he had every reason for said dubiousness 😜


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