Fun and Games on the Harbour

But there’s a sting in the tale…

We woke this morning to news that Sydney’s beaches had been invaded by a mass ‘bloom’ of Bluebottles (siphonophores), a type of jellyfish which are common here in summer. Blooms are rare though, needless to say, when thoughts turned to an early morning swim, the ocean was out of bounds. So we headed for the relative safety of the Harbour.

Seen any Blueys? I asked one of the locals as I gingerly inched my way into the harbour pool at low tide. No. But ‘Don’t do an Irwin’ she said adjusting her yellow noodle (floatie), as she helpfully (not), told us that  a large Sting Ray had breached the ‘impenetrable’ shark net. Hmmm… It had been intimidating swimmers all week. Apparently Parks & Wildlife tried to catch it but it craftily glided away into the deep, where it supposedly remains. 

Whilst Ants breast-stroked his way to the outer shark net, I, more sensibly perhaps (given Irwin’s nemesis) explored the perimeter pontoon, discovering the Watsons Bay Water Polo team frolicking like synchronised Olympic swimmers in the early morning sun. 

BTW, I looked up what you should do if stung by a Bluebottle. I was surprised, having heard so many old wives tales over the years, such as urinating over the sting and using vinegar….it doesn’t work, not that I’ve tried. Hot water is the answer, as hot as you can stand…

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  1. Ann says:

    So much beautiful blue everywhere ! Blue sky , blue ocean and even bluebottles!
    A glorious day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A glorious summers morning. X


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