Queensland – ‘Beautiful one day, stormy (perfect) the next’.

Well, certainly beautiful. The wet arrived today, bringing such torrential, but brief, localised rain that you actually couldn’t see in front of you, although it’s a much welcome respite from the intense heat and humidity. 

We had planned on driving up to Cape Tribulation and got as far as the ferry on the Daintree River before deciding that it was probably madness to continue with the rain so heavy the road started to flood. It’s really quite magical though. 

This photo of Wonga Beach was taken early afternoon as the rain began to set in. You can see the brooding Daintree Rainforest in the distance with heavy curtains of drenching rain. 

Our iPads are fully loaded with books. The Double Smoked Ham is ready to be carved for lunch. The Chocolate and Plum Christmas Pudding is tempting us to over indulge. The Champagne is on ice. 

Ahhh.. Queensland

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  1. Richard Turner says:

    Happy Christmas to you both!
    Lucky ducks!


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