Perspectivas diferentes

We have a different outlook on things as of today. We’ve moved apartment to the other side of the pool for our last two weeks here in Buenos Aires. I guess all good things must come to an end (or do they….?) but we thought a breath of aire fresco might be in order.

Funnily enough, we stayed in this very apartment some eight years or so ago, loved it then and love it now. Two-storeys filled with sunlight that pours through the floor-to-ceiling conservatory-like glass doors that open up to the garden, the asado and the pool. It has a giant open fireplace in the living room and two generous bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms linked with a white wrought-iron staircase.

There was nothing wrong with our other place other than the fact we were facing the narrow corridor into the casa so had every Tomás, Rico y Enrique walking past gawking at us at our computers or worse, forcing everyone, including us, to wave sociably and announce Buen Dia/Tarde/Noche at any moment of the day or evening. It got a tad tiring. So, here we are, at the end of the garden surveying the whole chorizo – as it should be.

We’ve had a week of torrential rain and much cooler temps, a sure sign that summer is on the way out. I’d say the climate here is pretty much the same as in Sydney (chucking down there too I understand), with temps tapering off in March to the low 20’s with thankfully, much cooler nights (and already noticeably fewer mosquitoes – Ant).

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