The Superclásico to end all Superclásicos

I’m not usually one to gush (or comment even) on soccer matches, but today Boca Juniors were supposed to play arch-rivals River Plate in the much anticipated first leg of the Copa Libertadores final (imagine Man U playing Man City in the European Cup final – in Manchester! – Ant), just down the road from our apartment at the famous 49,000 capacity Bombonera Stadium. Alas all is now underwater, as a massive rain storm hit BA today, flooding the city and in particular, La Boca. What a shame. That’s 49,000 sodden fans heading to the nearest bar! The game has been rescheduled for 4pm tomorrow, Sunday afternoon, but storms are forecast in the area for tomorrow and for the next 5 days, so what a challenge for all concerned.

It’s the first time in history that Argentina’s two biggest teams will have met in the Copa final so understandably, this city has been at fever-pitch. On there were just 12 tickets left earlier this morning, with the cheapest – read ‘partially restricted view’ – at ARS$27,000 (that’s A$1,056 EACH).  Or if you’re feeling particularly flash, there were two ‘good’ seats for ARS$124,751, that’s a staggering A$4,889 EACH… BTW, as I was looking at the Viagogo site all tickets vanished, so I guess there are some flash punters around after all.

UPDATE: Emergency ponchos, snorkels and flippers are now extra.

I think this graphic fan response on Twitter rather sums up the mood here…

La boca la boca
La boca se inundó
Y a todos los bosteros
La mierda los tapó 🎶🎵
Vamos River carajo!!!

I will report on the match outcome, if there is one….

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