El arte callejero de Buenos Aires

Since we were last here 8 years ago, there’s a marked lack of random graffiti tagging in the city, where city statues would be sprayed and not a single wall or standing space would be left untouched – in the same way that we found Chile earlier in the trip. It’s largely all gone, and city buildings feel clean and spruced up, which is surprising given the tough times this country is going through and the angry resentment that’s felt for Macri, the President, who by the way, is going for re-election in the coming months… fat chance of that I would have thought.

Since the last major economic crisis back in 2001, a generation of artists has taken to the streets and replaced the random tagging and angry criticism of the government to one of intriguing and playful images, a riot of colour and some amusing papering over of walls featuring stencils and a form of street-collage.

Of course, that’s not to say this ‘happy image’ will last as we head once again into uncertain, turbulent times, but for now it looks pretty good.

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