And then there were three….

Our dear friend Claudia has joined us in Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks. We’ve been somewhat starved of company since July so we weren’t sure how we’d cope – would we swamp her, would we kill her….? But no, it’s just nice to have company and show madam around this wonderful, intoxicating city in Spring.

Last night we had a very civilised dinner at Caseros, a bistro around the corner from the apartment. Dinner for three, over three courses and (ahem) two bottles of quality Malbec came to ARS$2,500 or 50 quid or $A95. Now that’s not to be sniffed at!

Today, we wandered around bustling San Telmo market in the hot sunshine – a few gorgeous purchases were made, some jewellery for madam, a silver pill box or two and the where-with-all for a delicious home-cooked dinner.

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  1. Claudia says:

    An excellent day at SanTelmo markets. You captured the day perfectly


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