A wander over to La Sebastiana

Pablo Neruda had three houses in Chile: La Chascona in Santiago, a place down the coast at Isla Negra and La Sebastiana in Valparaíso. In finding a house here he asked of his friends – “It can’t be located too high or too low. It should be solitary but not in excess. With neighbours but hopefully invisible. They shouldn’t be seen or heard. Original, but not uncomfortable. With many wings, but strong. Neither too big or too small. Far from everything but close to the public transport. Independent but close to commerce. Besides, it has to be very cheap. Do you think you could find a house like that in Valparaíso?” He got what he desired in Cerro Bellavista with the most incredible view over the whole city, the Pacific in front of him and the snow-capped Andes to the east.

That was back in 1959. Fulfilling this request in 2018 would be somewhat of a challenge with virtually every inch of this paintbox of a city occupied and each dwelling struggling to eke out a view. There are some gems still to be found but I’m guessing you’d need some fairly deep pockets, either in restoration or paying through the nose for something already done up.

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