Zipolite te atrapa

The cult Mexican ‘coming of age’ road movie ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ was filmed in part here, the beach scenes anyway, and Zipolite largely retains its hippie-esque alternative and laid-back vibe. The routine continues: up with the light, breakfast, emails and a couple of hours of attempted concentration on work, then before lunch a pants-free beach walk before plunging into the sea for another tumble, then chill, find a shady spot and read a good book. Ants has read 15 or so books so far! (Your correspondent exaggerates – three in Zipolite – Ant).

The ocean here has a notorious reputation – locally it’s known as ‘the beach of the dead’ due to constant rough surf, incredibly strong currents and an undertow that rips to the right and out to sea. Just in our little cove, in front of the hotel, it’s so rough that it’s one thing getting in and a whole different experience trying to get out. You need to have your wits about you for without realising, you’re suddenly at the end of the beach almost on the rocks. This is not a place for weak swimmers. There are no warning signs, just the occasional red flag. I’ve only seen one yellow flag along the entire stretch of the beach.

However, this place is definitely a surfer’s paradise, for the constant waves are massive –  glassy emerald tubes with the sea a balmy 31.3 degrees.

I can see the attraction of surfing but I think this old dog won’t be learning that new trick.

We have another whole week here so we’re considering expanding our horizons and exploring the nearby fishing town of Puerto Angel just 15 mins further down the coast.

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  1. El Huapo says:

    Barrel tubes eh? That sounds like double fun. You’re never too old,dog.


    1. Oh I don’t know, I get my barrels and my tubes all mixed up – so I thought what the heck, combine the two. Could be the sun or more likely the tamarind margaritas…either way El Huapo the surf is pretty impressive!


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