Far from the madding crowd….

Seriously, there’s hardly anyone here. It’s the ‘wet season’ which means the occasional late afternoon rolling storm, some night rain then clear blue skies and hot days. The humidity is high I guess, making it feel much hotter than it probably is. Even the cabbies are saying ‘mucho calor’ so it must be hot for this time of the year.

Our time in beautiful Puerto Escondido is sadly coming to an end. We’ve been here for 3 glorious weeks and have really chilled out, getting work done in the relative cool of the morning then off to the beach. The people are incredibly friendly, the beaches some of the best we’ve ever been to, the food glorious and the overall laid-back feel (and look) of the place, totally intoxicating. We will be back. So much so that we have lazily investigated the property options here and surprise, surprise, it’s incredibly affordable. We’ve seen a 3-bedroom house just 2 streets from one of our favourite beaches, Manzanillo, gorgeous tropical garden with massive pool and open-air living with palapa thatched roof etc…very tempting…and at just A$250k, perhaps worth considering.

We hear that the Mexican government (wonder of wonders, they actually have a functioning government – and a popularly elected socialist leaning one too) offers very favourable conditions and visas for foreign investors (you do have to buy through a bank trust), but I can’t help thinking that perhaps that handshake wouldn’t be so forthcoming to their northern neighbours….

We’ve returned to our favourite haunts on these few last days. The walk at low tide through the cave at La Punta and out onto the massive open expanse of wild open beach beyond can’t be beaten.

If you’re considering a trip to Mexico, then Oaxaca (the city) and the beaches of the southern coast are a must.

We’re off further south on Saturday to Zipolite for two weeks on a jungle beach…. I’ll tell you all about this famous ‘hippie’ beach when we get there, but suffice to say that the few clothes we’re currently wearing won’t be needed there….

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  1. Sandra Yates says:

    What a wondrous time you are having – you should be totally relaxed by now. Anne and Matthew and I are off to visit GrandNan this weekend. Mr S is dog-sitting. Australian politics is imploding – again! Love to you both



    1. We are watching things at home with much amusement, though what a palaver! Perhaps the good thing to come out of all of this is the total destruction of the Libs. Bring on the election! Love to you and the family. 2 months in and we’re loving it! Xxx


  2. Guy Ellis says:

    Send details of the 3 bed house


  3. Rhonda says:

    Loving the colours of Nature in these pictures.
    You look so very relaxed. Xx


    1. Hola Rhonda and greetings from Valparaiso in Chile! We’ve left the tropics and now very much in early Spring here – just a small matter of oh, say 20 degrees. Having to wear some clothes now for the first time in 2 months!!!! We’re 2 weeks in of 3 here and next weekend (29th September) we head to Buenos Aires for 2 months. Then December 1st we head to the Uk for 6 weeks, then heading back to Chile early Jan and onto Patagonia for a month! I’m loving my ‘travels with my Ant’ and really can’t see us stopping this rolling adventure. Much love to you as always. P&A xxx


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