As you may know, my fairly new MacBook Pro (please don’t buy one of these until they fix the BIG problem*) has broken down, so I’ve arranged for my older AirBook Mac to be sent from Sydney via FedEx to Puerto Escondido.

A huge thanks to Tony and Paola for arranging this!!!

Tracking is wonderful, noting yesterday that my laptop was enjoying a layover in Memphis TN and that by this morning had arrived in Mexico. Fingers crossed that aside from some unexpected local regulatory paperwork I can get my hands on my package as soon as Tuesday! That would be great!

Again, HUGE thanks to Tony and Paola. X

So, ‘esperando’….yet another hot and steamy day here in La Punta.

What else to do other than a spot of lunch on the beach with friends. x

*MacBook Pro keyboard is not great and has a global class action currently in place (all over the net if you look for it) – Apple in Australia doesn’t recognise the problem and is only offering short-term solutions, yet unofficially accepting that this is an issue…..MY main issue is that I bought a Lemon and not an Apple – first time EVER!

It is under warranty though, so currently holding out that my faith can be restored, perhaps until I reach Chile – the next available authorised Apple repair that can possibly help.


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