Adios Oaxaca

What a great time we’ve had in Oaxaca. We’ve been here long enough now to get a real sense of the place, hanging with the locals and living with Yoko and Michael, our house Chihuahuas who wander in and out at all times of the day and night…. “Hola Paul y Anthony, siento molestarte, solo queríamos saludarlo. ¿Tienes algo de comer?”

Oaxaca has to be one of the most colourful, vibrant (in every sense of the word), friendly, musical and enjoyable cities we’ve been to. But after three weeks of eating the most delicious foods, wrangling (my) Spanglish, tasting some of the most refined Mezcals known to man and running with the marching bands and dancing girls in the cobbled streets, we must leave for the coast – it’s on to Puerto Escondido for the next 5 weeks for a different, perhaps more laid-back Mexican experience.

Thank you Adelina!

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