Guelaguetza – The Final Weekend! Desfile Folklórico de las Ocho Regiones que participarán en la Guelaguetza – 1

The incredible 2-week festival of Guelaguetza is building to its Monday finale in a mass riot of colour, movement, joyous music, and pure excitement! This (Saturday) evening’s folklore parade of the eight regions of Oaxaca filled the narrow streets with such happiness and pride (and free pour Mezcal I might add) that we can’t stop beaming. We followed the seemingly endless parade from right outside of our house at 6pm down through the streets and into the night – a night to remember.

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  1. Leann Meiers says:

    Looks amazing . I can see a book on the horizon x


    1. Ha, just the one dear! Guelaguetza is a must see Leann – it’s incredibly safe here on all fronts, and such a joyous atmosphere. Last two weekends in July – specifically, last two Monday’s but it spills out for weeks. x


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