Santiago del Nuevo Extremo

Sant3Out and about on our first day. A tad jet lagged, but the views of the snow capped Andes more than make up for the weariness. Founded in 1541 by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, Santiago is now home to over 5 million people! Wouldn’t know that today as it’s a religious public holiday and there’s no one around.

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  1. El Huapo says:

    Spectacular view, I didn’t know it was right under the Andes!


  2. Yep, Chile is just 100k’s wide yet around 4,500k’s long – so there’s nowhere where you can’t see the Andes!


  3. Rhonda says:

    WOW ! .. great photo Paul. It shows both extremes of concrete jungle and Natural Wonder .

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    1. Hola Rhonda darling! We’re loving being in Santiago despite the horrible jet lag. We’re flying up to Mexico City overnight Friday so a different pace and a warmer climate! xxx


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